April 24, 2017


Activities overview:

Our day trips are interesting stories of Nilgiris – Usually a combination of nature, culture, history and art woven together as outdoor experiences which ends in a breathtaking camp where our staff will grill BBQ lunch and outfit your afternoon siesta to sound of chirping birds and cool mountain breeze.

Small children and non hikers can drive to camp site and indulge in activities such as bird watching, natural history interpretation or simply chill out until the hiker arrives.

Pre Breakfast Hikes:
:: Granduff Trail to Lovedale.
:: Hanuman Peak Trail.

Half Day Trips:
:: Architectural tour of Ooty.
:: Ketty Valley Train Trek.
:: Western Nilgiri Trek.

Full Day Trip with Lunch:
:: Ketty Train Trek & Camp.
:: Rock Art Trek & Camp.
:: Mudumalai Safari & Camp.
:: Hammock I-India Camping.